Instructions for use  
  - using the arrow keys <> you can move the panoramic video forward and backward. Clicking into the picture will stop the panoramic video. Moving the mouse while keeping the left mouse button pressed down will move the panoramic video accordingly.  
  - zoom into the picture with "a" or "+", zoom out with "z" or "-"  
  - this website is viewed best with 1024 x 768 screen resolution  
  - the quality of the panoramic videos is depending on the computer, monitor and adjustments used. In general faster computers and better monitors will provide better quality.  
  - to keep the loading time as short as possible the average size of a panopix panoramic video is about 50 kB. As one has to choose between short loading time and better quality of the pictures I decided to keep the loading time as short as possible.  
  360° panoramic videos in very good quality are used for panopix screen savers. These can be downloaded and installed into your computer.  
  To view panopix Java must be enabled on your computer.  
  Have a nice journey through the world of panopix!